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Heather Goodman

Founder of Sister Roots

After doing yoga teacher training, I spent 4 months in Asia inspired by a reoccurring thought that had visited me throughout my life.

“What did it mean to die? To leave this body, to leave those I love, to leave life as I knew it?”

Occasionally paralyzed by the gripping reality that one day I would no longer be here, I set off to sit with my biggest fear yet, traveling alone on another continent for an extended period of time.

My experiences since have been profound in shaping what I believe matters most and how to share that with the world.

The only way to fully experience the magnitude of what it means to be alive, is to be willing to recognize and sit within the impermanence of life and everything it includes.

This realization is the seed planted deep in the soil that bloomed Sister Roots.

To follow me, you can visit my personal website or at instagram @heathrosegood


Jacque Waters

Director of Integrated Wellness

My passion for life and desire to help others comes from a deep seeded hunger to learn.

In my early twenties I discovered that I held the sole power to design and define who I was and who I wanted to be.

This was constantly changing and I found, that was OK.

Being outdoors has provided me with space to explore gardening and growing my own food.

I believe there is power in taking ingredients that you helped create and including them in your meals.

I call it, home made scratch.

Taylor Peterson

Director of Personal Development

“I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books, I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.” Hermann Hesse

I am most definitely a Seeker. A thirst for wisdom and new experiences have lit the way for me to study psychology, become a therapist, and walk long trails throughout the United States. It also led me to Sister Roots.

I desire to feel connected, empowered and joyful. I trust that natural spaces are inherently healing and magic can happen when we gather in them together. I believe nature teaches us to trust our gut and that we all carry within us a sacred resilience waiting to be tapped into.

Ann Jarrar

Director of Human Relations

What energizes me most is getting to watch my plants grow. They don’t follow a script or try to get it right. They just grow in any and every direction, constantly changing, reminding me that what I believe to be success is created on my own, unique terms.

Nurturing and loving them has helped me learn how to nurture and care for myself and those around me. They teach me that joy lives in the tiny moments and has the ability for so much with just a little bit of care.

You can follow along @plantswithann on Instagram.






Cole Good

Visual Artist

I am an ally to the Creative spirit and to Sisters everywhere.

I use colors to create works designed to present an invitation to explore our relationships with the self and the world.

Sister Roots was founded in the work of the heart and my intention is aligned and through the eyes.

I hope to inspire the artist inside us all, to empower the dreamer, to be a catalyst for liberation and to enter the deep waters of connection through images, symbols and love.

Interact with me here:

Ariel Garcia

Web Designer

I’m an advocate for chasing dreams and truly believe people are most successful when they’re doing what they love. It is my passion to give entrepreneurs the tools to communicate their vision visually. What we see is everything. If we see something beautiful we walk towards it. Websites and branding are no different.

I’m a Pacific Northwest native and have spent most my life in Portland, OR. I now live in Washington with my husband and our mission is to pursue creativity, adventure and hope together.

Here’s my website if you want to link to it:




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