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Dear Seeker,


You are a world-class Google-er. You’re often the person your people turn to when they want to find something obscure online. You are a finder of information. A connecter of dots.  You’re the real-life version of CTRL-F .

School has suited you well because of this.  You changed your major three times in undergrad, trying to find the perfect course of study. Do you remember this man who had 29 degrees? This guy could have been your spirit animal. You don’t have 29 degrees, but you did just graduate with your masters. 


This spring,  you were restless and anxious and irritable. A wave of momentum pushing and inching you along toward the “finish line” of academia. Can you find the humor in that? Humor in the idea of a finish line?


This feeling is a familiar friend. Do you remember it running up to you on the playground counting down the minutes to summer vacation? I bet you  remember it in the passenger seat, driving in your car the summer before leaving for college. Seeker, do you remember it sitting beside you in class in undergrad, and in the break room at work before your last day? Familiar. And unsettling. Onto the next thing. Achieve.

As a little Seeker, you could basically intellectualize your way through anything with adults. School and being smart has felt safe. Endings marked by finals and outcomes and A’s are safe. These are tangible and you try to grasp it, plan for it. But in life after school, time is not divided up into quarters that set you up incrementally for success and the feel-goods. Life doesn’t seem as linear and predictable. Grief.

Seeker: have you asked yourself what you are searching for? Who is the Seeker in you? What is this energy that wants to seek?


You will always be a Seeker. But you will have to redefine success a million times over throughout your life and it might be rocky. Know it will also be wonderful. There are parts that have been calling for your attention for so long.



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