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Moon Circles

Mondays at 7 PM
San Jose, CA


We believe creating the capacity for full, engaged and deliberate breath and awareness lead the way for full, engaged and deliberate lives. We meet Monday evenings at 7 PM in San Jose to practice just that. Deep breathing, deep sharing, deep listening. If you are interested in joining our Moon Circles, connect with us!

We believe that our bodies are the most magnificent tools we were given by being born and that moving them, with thoughtful breath and in various ways, slowly heals the trauma of a body shaming world. We understand that advertisers have put beauty and body image as the #1 indicator of a woman’s worth and the painful implications inflicting our girls and women today because of it.

We do ourselves a disservice to disregard, harm and condemn the homes we reside in. We must unlearn the assumption that the way our human bodies look determines the joy and love we experience in our lives. We must spend time reuniting with each part of us we silently screamed wasn’t enough. We must make amends and move forward with the realization of the living miracles we are and how to relate to our breath and our bodies in this way.

Sister Roots values the body, its movement and vitality as a pre requisite to anything else in life.

If you aren’t breathing, deeply and fully, you will be cut off from life. If you aren’t moving with awareness, injuries will sustain. We don’t need any other tool than this body we were given and we find out how true that is along the way.

 Are you with us?

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