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Grow Your Garden

Build Your Own Succulent Garden
Sunday August 6 at 11 am in San Jose

We believe that we are missing fundamental understandings of our health and well being. This begins with the food we consume and our relationship to what we put inside our bodies. Where does what we eat come from? Who is doing what to ensure we stay fed? What kinds of waste are produced from packaged foods? If we don’t put the quality of the land as our first priority, why are we promised unlimited amounts of food? What are we ingesting that has been deemed appropriate to eat?

We have removed ourselves so far away from the very fuel source that sustains our human lives and because of it, our country has created the growing epidemic of obesity.

A re integration is necessary and it begins with taking a better look at what we put into our bodies, how we feel afterward and what changes we can make to see and feel differences right away.

Sister Roots values where our food comes from and is committed to ongoing participation in sustaining symbiotic relationships with the Earth.

 Are you with us?

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