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The average woman bleeds for 3,000 days over her lifetime. 

How’s this reframe?

The average woman is blessed with 3,000 days of release, of physically letting go.


Can you imagine referring to your cycle each month with #blessed?

Here at Sister Roots we’re *flowing* in that direction 🙂

We are passionate about understanding our monthly cycles biologically, emotionally and spiritually. Each day

 of the month we have an opportunity to tap into and use the energy our bodies and cycles provide us with.


This is a wonderful article from THINX breaking down the biology of bleeding. It’s a starting point and a great one at that! Visit it here. 

Although this article refers to the experience of bleeding as a woman, understanding that our feminine energy is inherently cyclic allows for exploration and expression for all self-identified women.


Together the SR (Sister Roots) team has been diving deeper into this work, paying attention to our cycles, noticing patterns, understanding where our energy is, and discovering what we need in any given moment throughout. We ask each other about where we’re at in our cycles to get an understanding of how we can best support one another. We are learning how to work with our bodies and with our nature, rather than against them. Because in doing so, we tap the well of our limitless creativity, gentle strength, and childlike joy.



If after reading the THINX article you are eager for more, check out the Cycles + Sex resource zine. Cycles + Sex is “a movement to educate and celebrate the interconnectedness of our menstrual, hormonal, and reproductive and sexual health.” Their conference, Podcast, Instagram, and work in general is e.p.i.c. Check them out here. 



♥ Taylor

Hi wonderful human,

Heather here.

Thank you for browsing our site.

In a time of fast paced, overwhelmingly varied choices, you landing here means something to us.

This growing collective of women began because of a clear need for the city of San Jose to become more involved with one another on a local level in creative and honest ways.

We find, again and again, that the typical person in this city is here because of work, specifically in the tech field, and spends most of her or his time in the office.

We found that the typical leadership style being practiced at large operated in mainly masculine traits and was unable to foster feminine styles of creating and collaborating.

As a San Jose native raised by a single mother, accompanied by a younger sister, obsessed with female friendship, I have spent my entire life in adoration and astonishment of what women are capable of and the safe spaces we hold for one another that heal and empower our most necessary selves.

After graduating college, I stepped into the 9-5 experience and realized fairly quickly that this style of working/living was holding me and my potential back.

There are inherent pressures that occur when we spend time with a set group of people for an extended period of time.

Your coworkers, close friends, roommates, really anyone in repetitive proximity to you, influences you and what you believe matters.

If from preK to your career you never took a moment for yourself, to check in and wonder about your dreams, what you believe life is about, what you are living for, than you might find yourself following the rules to a game you didn’t know you were playing.

Am I making sense?

The point is, Sister Roots was created because of the desperate need to shape leaders in a manner completely different than what we see mainstream.

You are a whole human who experiences life, and therefore their work, in a varied way and it’s shifting day to day.

We believe how we work, why we work and what it means to go to work need to be readdressed and aligned with ones true desires.

We’ve created workshop series, pop ups and experiences to put you in touch with who you’ve always been and develop the tools to make that place of personal clarity, consistent.

We use models of play and challenge to inspire those we work with to enter into something new, to get uncomfortable, and to stay present in the tension.

We believe the space we are aiming for lies between where we coast and what’s just beyond our reach.

This natural dilemma to be still with what is while also becoming more is the reality of existing.

Beyond me, Becoming we was the truest statement I felt represented the intention of Sister Roots and became our tag line.

There are many programs, coaches, trainings and experiences that are created to help get you what you want out of your life.

This is fantastic, but in our current cultural norms to fear our neighbors rather than greet them, to save our money so our kids can go to school rather than building a system that works for strengthening all children’s education, to buy more things and check off more lists of accomplishments rather than meandering through the forest with no where to go, we have a dilemma.

The dilemma is that we forgot that we belong to each other and that the well being of our lives is directly connected to that of everyone elses.

The self work is great but not when it leaves out the community work.

We are in desperate need of community work, the work of the We, the people banding together all across our nation.

A united states more divided, segregated and split is in dire need of a reunion.

We can create a dream fit for every human being now that we are communicating as a global village.

We are entering a period of time where the unseen will bring about more of the unseen and it does us all a benefit to recognize, we influence history.

We are who we’ve been waiting for and we have no more time to waste.

I hope this current political climate has activated you to show up for yourself and for the most vulnerable in your neighborhood.

We are measured on immeasurables and leave out what we cannot see.

The working of the heart has been sparked since fear has been blatantly placed at the center of why we make choices in this country and it is no longer acceptable for the health and well being of the planet and our livelihood.

Sister Roots is a community participating in this momentous time in a way our grandchildren will celebrate.

We are walking our talk and taking responsibility for the shared life we spend together.

It is sacred, so are you and before we can change anything, you must know this:

You are sacred.

What you think, feel and say, matters.

If you don’t believe this to be true, than it becomes too easy to slander and punish, violate and rape.

We must wake up to the truth of our shared sacredness, on this land, in our hearts and beyond.

Once we understand we are valued, we will value others.

It’s hard to love and easy to hate, hard to build and easy to tear down, hard to stay and easy to leave.

How will you measure at this point in history?

How will we write the story?

What will be?

That’s up to you and me.

Heather Rose Goodman

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